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AUTOMOTIVETOUCHUP.COM is a website operated by Microfinish, LLC, that sells automotive touch up paint and related products for shipping to businesses and consumers in the United States and Canada. The company does business as "Automotive Touchup".

The company is located at:
208 Plauche Court
New Orleans, Louisiana 70123
The paint is OEM quality paint and is what is used by body shops and vehicle repair facilities.

One primary claim by Microfinish is that it guarantees an exact match between its paint and the original color of your vehicle.


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Hello, I bought some touch up paint for my car and it matched up real good! Thank you very much and i will buy from you again!

[I got] a PERFECT match with a lustrous pearl white finish that for me, WAS MUCH BETTER THAN THE FACTORY COVER ON THE OTHER SIDE! BRAVO AUTOMOTIVETOUCHUP

After comparison shopping we found Automotive Touchup was far cheaper than other alternatives.

You can order perfectly matching paint in a variety of mediums and everything you need to fix large and small paint issues. The website also has instructions so you can be your own car-fixer-upper.

Ordered several items: primer, basecoat, clearcoat, spray can attachment, bondo, and tack cloth. Received everything today. Used the provided test card to check the color against my car and it's a perfect match. I'll definitely be buying from them again when I need more paint.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS JUNK!! I bought the Automotive Touch-up for my 2009 Mustang Vapor ... what I got was something quite lighter... it looks like my Mustang's hood has the MEASLES.

Bought primer, base coat, and clear coat to paint a new bumper. Got the auto paint for spray guns and it worked perfectly! A near perfect match to the rest of the car.

I ordered some aerosol paint cans from them. The match was 100%. I highly recommend them.

I ended up buying some of the paint from this site and spraying my hardtop myself. It turned out pretty dang nice! The color was spot on, the only hard part was the finishing work.

Yes I've used them a few times... The paint is high quality and I've never had an issue with it.

[Automotivetouchup is] all we use at our shop and the match is spot on. Even with the metallic paint it is damn near perfect. You'll be very happy.

I have to say this is one of my worst experiences.... Let me just say, u really do get what u pay for. I get the paint and its like 10 parts paint thinner and 1 part base coat..completely useless. had exactly what we were looking for.... We needed more than a paint pen, because it wouldnt have handled the scratch that was created. After searching for an aresol match, had what we were looking for at a reasonable price.

My mom has a 1995 Ford Escort and it's a green color ... If they can match that they can match anything. thanks

My paint arrived fast and was a very good match for my car. Everyone should use this company.

Privacy Policy

Automotive Touchup has a privacy policy. It includes contact information via mail (post office box), email, and a toll-free telephone number.

The company policy states customers email addresses and telephone numbers will not be used for marketing.

There is no private information collected about visitors to the website just for visiting.

Customers have the ability to obtain a transaction history, review information Microfinish has about them, and correct any errors.

There is no third party advertising on the site.


Automotive Touchup is operated by Microfinish in Louisiana. The business is conducted entirely via the Internet. We have seen some online reviews of similarly named companies in different locations. You do not want to be confused about which company this is.

There are not Automotive Touchup locations in other states, so if you see a review identifying the "automotive touchup" business as being in California or a different state, it is a different business. Review
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